We are scientists who believe in being useful.

Our technical skills include statistical analysis, database design and administration, data visualisation, and software development. We have wide experience in marine science, theoretical physics, mathematics, and ecology.

Edward Abraham, PhD

Edward is the founder and CEO of Dragonfly. He enjoys bringing evidence to the table, using information to make clear, principled decisions. Read more

Finlay Thompson, PhD

Finlay is operations manager at Dragonfly. As a mathematician, he brings an insightful rigour to solving analytical and technical problems. Read more

Katrin Berkenbusch, PhD

Katrin is a marine scientist who specialises in benthic ecology. She is responsible for the quality of our reports and publications. Read more

Philipp Neubauer, PhD

Philipp is a fisheries scientist who uses statistical analysis to inform actions that promote sustainable fisheries. Read more

Richard Mansfield, PhD

For Richard, simple is beautiful. He likes to create the most efficient system to elegantly solve a client’s data problem. Read more

Caleb Moses

Caleb is a Māori mathematician from the Hokianga region whose interests are machine learning, language and automation. Read more

Yvan Richard, PhD

Yvan is an ecologist who specialises in using statistical computing software to solve complex problems. Read more

Laura Tremblay-Boyer

Laura is a fisheries scientist at Dragonfly. She is an experienced statistical modeller with a background in environmental biology.
Read more