Caleb is a Māori mathematician from the Hokianga region whose interests are machine learning, language and automation.

Caleb is currently studying for a PhD at McGill University in Canada.

Before joining Dragonfly in 2018 he worked at Stats NZ in a statistical analyst role focused on privacy, data visualisation and automating routine tasks.

He has a bachelor’s degree and a postgraduate diploma in pure mathematics from the University of Auckland. During his studies Caleb researched mathematical physics and fractal geometry, which contributed to his understanding of the latest statistical models. Caleb is passionate about language. He speaks Japanese fluently and is currently learning te reo Māori and Korean.

Developing applications of machine learning technologies is a particular focus of his work at Dragonfly.

Machine learning is opening up brand new lines of inquiry in many domains. You can use artificial intelligence to work with words, images or sound. It’s a powerful tool but it carries a responsibility to use the knowledge we gain ethically.