We’re an inclusive and welcoming company, valuing the diverse strengths, backgrounds, personalities and skills that every staff member brings.

We work collaboratively

We take pride in our ability to work together and draw on people’s substantial expertise across domains – including those of our clients.

While individuals are responsible for particular projects, our outputs are the work of the team. This approach enables us to deliver products that exceed expectations. We’re personally and professionally proud of the quality of the work we do.

We are innovators

What we’re asked to do by clients can’t usually be delivered out of a box. We often have to push the boundaries of what’s been produced before. That calls us to keep up with best practice as well as to be creative, customise and develop new systems to meet the brief.

We take ethics seriously

Data is valuable and we take confidentiality seriously. We also promote open data and sharing code where appropriate.

Some aspects of data science can be misused and the methods we use can make bias in an existing dataset more explicit. This can enhance and perpetuate discrimination, so we have to be hyper-aware of ways we might be seeing or creating bias.

We support real lives

Our office is in Wellington but some of our staff work remotely from other parts of the country, from Dunedin to Auckland. The ability to work flexibly is a given.

We take on interns and summer students and support staff who want to do further study. Recognising the need for continuing development, we run training opportunities for newer staff and share best practice methods and data management across the team.

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