We are a growing data science consultancy with a range of public and private sector clients. While our office is in Wellington, some of our staff work remotely from other parts of Aotearoa New Zealand.

One of the hallmarks of our company is collaboration – we take pride in our ability to work together. We draw on people’s substantial expertise across domains, so while individuals are responsible for particular projects, the outputs are the products of our team. This approach enables us to deliver outputs that exceed expectations, and we’re personally and professionally proud of the quality of the work we produce.

We use advanced statistical and machine learning techniques, make extensive use of cloud computing, wrangle large data sets and build beautiful data-rich visualisations and reports. We are committed to using reproducible methods in all our work.

Dragonfly is an inclusive and friendly company, with a focus on collaboration and innovation. We strive to provide an excellent work environment.

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Our staff tell their stories

McKenzie Tornquist joined Dragonfly in 2020, having completed a master of science in marine biology.

“I really like working at Dragonfly because of the atmosphere. Everyone is really nice and there’s no heirarchy – everyone is treated the same. I really like that Phil, Edward and Finlay (in fact all the team) think everyone’s opinion is valid instead of shutting people down.”

“It’s easy to ask for help. Everyone has been really supportive and helpful – I don’t feel bad or nervous asking a question of anyone.”

“My work is trying to build sustainable fisheries, and that’s really meaningful. I’ve already done lots of different things. We can choose which projects we’re involved in so you get to do what you’re interested in and what makes you happy. I liked being given my own project that I could approach however I wanted.”

“We do training on programming and research practices continuously, and we also do a book club for stats every second week. We read a chapter then someone takes the session. A mix of people are doing it from experts to people like me who are learning, but everyone is included in everything. We can ask questions and go at the pace we want to. It’s really fun.”

“I have a set-up at home so I work there sometimes during the week, which is really good because my commute is quite long. It’s just good to have that flexibility so I can get to appointments and things near home when I need to. It’s also nice to come into the office and have the social aspect of working around other people too.”

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