Since 2006 we’ve been collaborating with governments and organisations across the globe. We turn their data into beautiful, meaningful apps and reports, which are driving positive and lasting changes to the environment and our communities.

Our work ranges from measuring the effects of forest fires in California, tracking mutations of COVID-19 to modelling endangered bird populations. But our mission remains the same: do good with data.


Edward Abraham started Dragonfly Data Science in 2006 to provide data analysis on a contract basis. His ambition was to transform the way that scientific expertise is made available to the wider community.

Finlay Thompson joined in 2008 and was Dragonfly’s first employee. Since then, the company has grown steadily, and is continuing to take on staff to meet client demand in an increasingly broad range of research areas.

A new model

In 2020 Edward brought in Finlay and Philipp Neubauer as fellow directors and shareholders. Finlay is now also the chief executive and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company.

Dragonfly Data Science is a limited liability company, Dragonfly Limited, registered in New Zealand.

Memberships and affiliations

Dragonfly is a member of the Independent Research Association of New Zealand.

We collaborate with data scientists based in organisations in New Zealand and overseas and actively share our expertise via presentations and seminars.

Meet the people who keep Dragonfly humming.