Artificial intelligence

At Dragonfly, we use artificial intelligence to advance scientific research and discovery. With over a decade of experience leveraging AI to solve complex problems, our team of data scientists are experts in a variety of machine learning applications, from computer vision to natural language processing and speech recognition.

Statistical analysis

Statistical analysis allows us to deal with uncertainty in a principled way. This enables clients to make the best decision in an uncertain world.

Systems for data

Everybody’s data has value, and it needs to be kept safe, accessible and possibly open. We build well-managed systems that meet all these requirements.

Sound decision-making

All decisions are based on the best information available. Our ethos is to make sure people are able to use the information they have and are not basing their actions on hearsay.

Upskilling your team

We work openly with clients and enjoy transferring our skills. The processes we use in our work can help lift the efficiency and quality of your analysis and reporting.

We love good tools

These are our favourites — open source, powerful, and up to the minute. We use these tools to get the best from data.

Would you benefit from our expertise?