Systems for data

Everybody’s data has value, and it needs to be kept safe, accessible and possibly open. We build well-managed systems that meet all these requirements.

The Dragonfly model is go from the data to the end result, building a pipeline to get there. We talk to clients about what they want and always treat their data with respect.

Information inevitably gets lost if you’re not keeping track of everything and storing it in the right way. That can be costly in both money and time. But if we help to categorise, organise and index the information, everything that goes in and everything that comes out looks a certain way, and is reliable. After that we can iterate and improve on it.

We don’t like to do things manually or in a tedious fashion. Let the computer do the things it’s good at! Automation is about not doing the same thing twice if you don’t have to – but doing it right the first time. We can lead more productive lives by automating the work that nobody wants to do.