For Richard, simple is beautiful. He likes to create the most efficient system to elegantly solve a client’s data problem.

In his experience with databases and as a developer, Richard has become convinced of the benefits of good data collection and management. He believes that if clients set up a robust data collection process, take steps to secure their data and store it in an efficient format, they will be able to generate reliable information for decision making.

One current project is developing a web-based tool for building reports. The tool allows many users to write code and add it to a repository, and keeps track of who is doing what. Richard believes that such a complex project requires a simple, transparent approach to reduce duplication and unnecessary work.

Richard gained his PhD in computer science from Victoria University of Wellington, applying game theory to the study of ecological systems. He worked at Catalyst IT in Wellington for 5 years as a web developer and programmer before joining Dragonfly in 2012.

What we build and release to a client should be fully developed and work smoothly without our input – we don’t want to waste people’s time by giving them something with bugs in it. For us, no news is good news, and if we don’t hear anything back from the client, that’s perfect.