Kyuhan is a fisheries scientist at Dragonfly. He relishes the opportunity to develop his skills and master new statistical software for investigating data.

He also enjoys building statistical models that describe the dynamics of a fish population in situations where data is limited.

Kyuhan studied for a PhD in statistics at Victoria University of Wellington. His thesis involved developing models for assessing fisheries, particularly when there was not enough data to use conventional fish stock assessment models. He has a bachelor and a masters degree in marine biology from Pukyong National University, South Korea.

Before coming to New Zealand for his PhD study, Kyuhan worked in the marine biology department of Pukyong National University as a research associate. He carried out a fisheries research project funded by the National Institute of Fisheries Science in South Korea.

I was born and raised in Busan, the largest port city in South Korea. There is a large fishing industry in my hometown and living in that environment led to my academic interest in fisheries science. While a solid understanding of fish biology and ecology is important for interpreting fisheries information, I believe making use of that information relies on diving into statistics and data science.”