Nokome is a scientist with expertise in data visualisation, statistical modelling and software engineering.

Before joining Dragonfly, he researched seagrass and abalone ecology in Australia, and worked as a fisheries scientist and modeller at Trophia, which he founded in 1996.

Following an ongoing interest in software to make reproducible research easier, more efficient, and more accessible to scientists without extensive coding skills, Nokome founded Stencila in 2012.

In December 2023, he took a year off from Dragonfly to take up a role as Science Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Astera Institute. During the residence he is exploring ways in which scientists can use generative AI to be more productive, whilst maintaining transparency and reproducibility by tracking the provenance of scientific content.

Nokome has a bachelor of science degree in marine biology from James Cook University in Queensland and a postgraduate diploma in fisheries science and management from the Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania.

He is interested in exploring and understanding large data sets through modelling and enjoys the opportunity to communicate his findings, and enable client understanding, through elegant visualisations.

I enjoy creating models of complex real-world biological, economic and social systems, fitting them to real-world data - all to help inform real-world, evidence-based decision making.