The pāua data-logger system


Neubauer, P. (2017). The pāua data logger system. New Zealand Fisheries Assessment Report 2017/54. 12 p.


The pāua data-logger system was conceived to provide high-resolution information on spatial resource use and catch-per-unit-effort in the pāua fisheries around New Zealand. The system consists of two hardware components, the boat unit and the turtle loggers, which together record catch (boat unit) and effort (recorded by the turtle logger, worn by free-diving fishers), and a database system. The database system manages uploads from the units and processes the data into a set of tables for analysis and visualisation. A web-based frontend tool allows users and administrators to assess the data quality and correct errors. Since its inception, the system has provided valuable information about pāua fishing activity, especially spatial trends in some of the quota management areas.

This report presents a stocktake of the current state of the programme, discusses areas for improvement, and makes recommendations for the programme to transition successfully to the new Integrated Electronic Monitoring and Reporting System, mandated by the Ministry for Primary Industries from 1 October 2017.