We support safer cycling in Wellington

3 April, 2023

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Cycle Wellington is calling on local businesses to offer their support for Paneke Pōneke – Wellington City Council’s bike network plan. We’re all for it!

The council’s goal is for Wellington to be a city where it’s easy for everyone to choose low or zero carbon transport options. Changes include a citywide network of connected bike and scooter routes, walking improvements and changes to public transport.

An informal survey of 14 of our Wellington-based staff found that 6 mostly walk to work, 3 use a bike or e-bike, 3 take public transport and 2 need to use a car because of family commitments or location.

Dragonfly’s founder and director Edward Abraham is a committed cyclist, having commuted from Island Bay to the city for many years.

“We’ve got road bikers, mountain bikers and e-bikers in the Wellington team. Because of our central location it’s been easier for us to make space for people’s bikes here in the office than encouraging other forms of transport.”

“The game-changer for Wellington has been e-bikes. I got one a few months ago because my little guy is getting bigger and I want to be able to keep transporting him up the hills.”

A new retro-styled e-bike appeared in the office today. It belongs to a Belmont resident who is delighted that it has cut their 90-minute public transport commute in half.

Our staff offered these comments in support of safer cycling and better public transport:

  • More cycleways and better public transport are definitely welcome. Most of the roads in the city should be made smaller and inaccessible to private motor vehicles.
  • I would bike way more often if it was safer. We need more cycleways and better cycleways.
  • I don’t like getting knocked off my bike. It hurts!
  • I have family members who cycle, and I care a lot about them being able to get around the city safely.
  • Taking the bus is increasingly difficult. My commute takes longer than it used to and the over-full buses expose users to more sickness. Improvements need to be made if we are to meet emission reduction targets.

Edward is proud that Dragonfly’s organic, fair-trade, local fruit, coffee and milk for staff arrives using cycle-based delivery services.

“Our coffee comes from Peoples and is delivered by their no-carbon cycle courier. The compost is picked up by Kaicycle on e-bike – it’s great!”

“As a science organisation and given the world is in a climate crisis, we don’t want to be encouraging car driving. Biking is a really simple thing that people can do every day to reduce their emissions. It makes total sense to encourage more people to use bikes by making the whole experience safer.”

Read more about Cycle Wellington’s Cycling Works campaign and Paneke Pōneke.