Bird of the year data

12 November, 2019

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The hoiho, or yellow-eyed penguin, took the 2019 crown in the New Zealand Bird of the Year competition, but what about all the other birds? Forest and Bird have released data on the votes cast, so that you can explore the voting in detail.

The confirmed vote dataset is a comma separated value (CSV) file, suitable for loading into analysis or plotting software. For each of the 43,460 confirmed votes, the file gives the date of the vote, the hour of the vote, the country the vote appeared to have been cast in (derived from the internet protocol address, if the country could be determined), and the five preference votes in order (vote 1, vote 2, vote 3, vote 4, and vote 5). The file includes macrons on the common names, and is UTF-8 encoded. The data were prepared by Yvan Richard in his role as scrutineer for the Bird of the Year competition. Thanks Yvan!

The dataset is copyright Forest and Bird, and is released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Licence. You are welcome to use the data how you wish, but must acknowledge Forest and Bird.

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