A little story about Dragonfly

27 June, 2017

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Edward gave a talk called ‘Growing your own science organisation’, at the New Zealand Association of Scientists annual conference on 21 June. He personalised the presentation by using only photos from his phone.

“In the talk I’m encouraging people to think that there are other ways to do science, beyond the ivory tower. People need science, so wherever there is commercial activity there’s going be a need to support that with science. The $50 million pāua industry is a great example of where there are numerous science questions to be answered.”

Ed also urged scientists to value their skills and think more laterally about opportunities they may have.

And his advice about how to get started?

“Just do it. But you’re not going to be in an office with people looking after you. You’re going to be on your own with the cat for a while.”

Watch a video of the talk or read more about our work using machine learning for language identification.