Sharing our best practice

23 May, 2017

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Plant & Food Research is hosting a two-day conference later this week, where Finlay Thompson will talk about Dragonfly’s commitment to reproducible research.

“Plant & Food Research and AgResearch are interested in finding out how we do data science, since they’re moving towards doing things the the way we do. A lot of people talk about what you can do with data, but my talk is about the practicalities – the principles and practices we use at Dragonfly to ensure our work is always reproducible”, says Finlay.

“I think we have acquired some experience to offer the data science community. Committing to reproducible research (publishing data and code alongside with a scientific paper) has increased the reliability of our work, and the productivity of our team.”

The conference, to be held in Lincoln, near Christchurch, aims to promote the sharing of specialised knowledge and skills in the data science community. The flyer encourages “biometricians, bioinformaticians, data miners, modellers and anyone who works with big data to attend”.

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