Dragonfly featured on ABC and BBC radio programmes

14 February, 2014

Dave Baker (left) sorting pāua on his boat in the Marlborough Sounds - credit: Edward Abraham

Dragonfly’s work for the Paua Industry Council, using data loggers to manage the pāua fishery, was featured on the ABC’s Off Track and the BBC’s Discovery programmes this week.

Edward, along with Dave and Jason Baker, discuss the development of the data loggers and the benefits to the fishers. This programme is part two of a four-part series exploring current marine issues around the world.

Listen to the audio (10 min in from the start).

In part three, Edward talks about finding the best method to keep albatross away from fishing vessels. Listen to the audio.

Julian Siddle from the BBC Radio Science Unit and Joel Werner from the ABC visited Dragonfly in November 2013 to record the interviews.