Dragonfly grows database and programming expertise

July 18, 2012

The appointment of Richard Mansfield to the Dragonfly team brings some complementary programming and web development expertise to the company. Previously from Catalyst IT, Richard is a specialist in open source software development for the web.

“Coming to Dragonfly seems like a good change and a chance to work with Edward and Finlay on the analytical techniques they have been using for a long time. Working on applied problems will be exciting and I’m keen to get into more statistical analysis”, he says.

“After my PhD I continued with the computing side because that’s what I was most interested in, and have been doing programming for the last 5 years.

“At Victoria, Marcus Frean supervised my PhD and Edward was a co-supervisor. At that time, Edward and Marcus were interested in ‘rock-paper-scissors’ systems where three or more species predate on each other in a loop. Depending on the spatial structure you can end up with extinctions or a stable system. These simulations show that even in simple ecological systems you can get complex behaviour.

Richard is a keen mountain biker who bikes to and from work and lives near some of New Zealand’s best off-road tracks.

“Wellington is awesome for my sport. I bike everywhere but mountain biking is my passion. Someone ran into me in traffic once, and I ended up with a couple of broken bones, but nothing too serious has happened to me so far.”