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Dragonfly Data Science is a dynamic data science company with a range of public and private sector clients. We are a small consultancy, primarily based in Wellington, New Zealand. We are a collaborative team, taking pride in our ability to work together and draw on substantial expertise across a range of domains. While individuals are responsible for particular projects, outputs are the products of our teamwork: we build on everyone’s complementary set of skills to deliver outputs that exceed expectation, and we are personally and professionally proud of the quality of the work that we achieve.

We use advanced statistical and machine-learning techniques, make extensive use of cloud computing, wrangle large data sets, and build beautiful data-rich visualisations and reports. We are committed to using reproducible methods in all our work.

We are an inclusive and friendly company, focused on collaboration and innovation. We strive to provide an excellent work environment.

Senior data scientist

You can find more information here.

Applications close on Saturday, 22 March 2021.