Sadhvi is a data scientist at Dragonfly, based in Auckland.

She has a PhD in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) remote sensing from Auckland University of Technology. Her research used UAV and field spectroscopy to remotely identify seaweeds at a species level.

Sadhvi was previously employed by Williamson Water & Land Advisory in Auckland, and by Airbus and the Environment Agency in the UK. Her work involved data processing, analysis and modelling for various uses including mapping oil slicks, sea-ice and geological features, identifying wetlands, estimating forest age and soil moisture and assessing historic lake levels.

She also has a master of science in geographical information systems from the University of Leeds, England and a bachelor of engineering from the College of Engineering Guindy, India.

I’ve worked with a range of remote sensing data, but the use of radar is where my interest is really growing. The combination of optical and radar data is that much more accurate for detailed mapping applications but is still quite under-explored. It’s definitely an interesting up-and-coming area especially because high resolution data is now becoming more available.