Ian is a cartographer and geospatial data specialist who enjoys translating messy datasets into useful, manageable information.

He is skilled in both data processing and map making. Ian’s work ranges from the problem-solving aspects of processing large datasets all the way through to presenting data in maps and images. He aims to provide geospatial information in a way that highlights details and important insights and communicates to a wide audience.

Ian started XYCarto in 2020 to provide contract geospatial and cartographic services. Before that he worked at Land Information New Zealand as a senior spatial analyst on the proof of concept for their first national base map. Other roles have included developing 3D software for Geographx and work as an analyst in the AidData research lab at the College of William and Mary in Virginia.

Ian has a master of science in landscape architecture from Pennsylvania State University. He researched the use of natural methods to clean water in urban spaces, which required the use of hydrological mapping techniques. Ian also has a degree in mechanical engineering and credits his interest in green urban design with work for a structural engineering firm.

Geospatial work is the perfect balance of art and science. No two problems are the same and I get great satisfaction from using my artistic side to present information beautifully. I have the pleasure of working across a multitude of fields, helping professionals deliver good science in compelling visualisations.