Kiarie is an engineer with a background in machine learning, experimental laser physics and electronics engineering.

Before joining Dragonfly he worked as a senior data scientist at CSIRO, applying machine learning to networked data. This work had wide-ranging uses from detecting fraud in large transactional networks to extracting information from complex patterns in social networks such as Twitter. His previous role at Xero applied natural language processing and computer vision systems to financial data.

Kiarie moved to Canberra from Nairobi in Kenya as a teenager and has a bachelor’s degree in electronics and telecommunications engineering from Australian National University. He stayed to complete a master’s degree in computer science, specialising in machine learning.

I think we’re on the cusp of being able to build systems that make the benefits of the internet accessible to everyone regardless of their age, ability, language or region. This will only happen through the use of technologies based on machine learning. It’s an exciting time to be in data science, playing an active part in achieving this monumental goal.