Ignatius Menzies, PhD

Iggy is reproducible research lead at Dragonfly. He is a data scientist with public and private sector experience, and a background in ecology.

Before joining Dragonfly in 2020 Iggy worked as a developer in the public sector digital team at Datacom and as the data science lead in the environmental reporting team at the Ministry for the Environment. In his PhD from Victoria University of Wellington, Iggy studied whether non-green leaf colour in plants is used to reduce browsing by herbivores.

He believes reproducible research techniques maximise the value of data collection and analysis efforts. As well as making the production of subsequent reports more efficient, a focus on reproducibility adds transparency and makes collaboration easier.

For Iggy, people’s engagement with their work is a major motivator for promoting reproducible research.

I’ve often found people spending a lot of their time doing manual things like copying and pasting data or triple-checking that reported numbers match analysis results. Using an automated, code-based approach frees up time for people to do things they’re genuinely interested in – like refining analytical methods, thinking more about interpretation or coming up with engaging ways to communicate research findings.