Emma is a research assistant at Dragonfly. She enjoys collecting and analysing data and the opportunity to be involved throughout the process.

Emma has been a part of our shellfish monitoring survey team since 2017. Before joining us she worked as a freelance ecologist in the United Kingdom and in New Zealand, surveying diverse species of amphibians, reptiles, bats, plants and birds for various environmental consultancies. Emma has also been involved in captive-rearing kiwi chicks for Operation Nest Egg and as a volunteer with the Kākāpō Recovery Programme.

She has a bachelor of science in ecology and zoology and a postgraduate diploma in zoology from Massey University. After completing her studies Emma spent 3 years teaching English in rural Japanese schools.

I love being hands-on in the field and in the lab – it’s exciting to see science in action. Being involved in projects that help us better understand the natural world, as well as our impacts on it, is very important to me.